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Buy a Home With Us and
Get Extremely Discounted Rates!


Buying a home? Take advantage of our 241 deal. Use one of our Search Mortgage Approved Realtors (SMAR) to buy your next home and we will guarantee you the lowest rate. We’ll not just to match our competitor’s rates, but we’ll beat it! Finally, a mortgage company offering the piece of mind that you will get the lowest rate possible…guaranteed!

* Competitors rate cannot be a staff or employee rate.

* Must have a minimum 680 beacon and provable income.

* The interest rate guarantee is valid up until 7 days prior to closing.

* Search Mortgage Corp. will beat any competitors rate by .05%

* Must be the same mortgage product. e.g. 5 year fixed rate with a 5 year fixed rate.

* Must purchase a home with a Search Mortgage Approved Realtor (SMAR) to qualify.

* Must have valid proof of a competitors rate e.g. URL to a Bank or FSCO verified mortgage agent.

For a no-charge mortgage approval or consultation, please fill out the form below to get started.